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Whether my images come from a photo of a Gay Pride parade on Broadway, a dream or from a memory, my preoccupation is the same: our secrets.

From the Manhattan parade we get street theater, people showing themselves as they wanted to be seen, their secrets seemingly revealed. I was fascinated with the jumping, flamboyant jewel-colored costumes and the freedom of spirit. Yet there was a mystery to the thousands of participants, even though they openly displayed and revealed themselves. My paintings explore the imagined and real beauty of the participants and their stories.

In time, the notion of story telling prompted me to turn my focus inward, leading to a series that investigates my unconscious world. My secrets unfold in dreams. I am not always aware of what they mean, but I know an internal character is speaking, creating a mystery: why a charging baby rhino exploding from behind the curtain? What's up with the dancers' ambiguous embrace? And who is that, behind the mask?